Blog 3

The article I found for this week’s blog is from the National Association of Home Builders website. This article caught my eye because it was so up to date, and it provides a very revealing chart about residential construction statistics. It shows that new home sales are starting to increase and inventory on hand is decreasing. This means that houses are being built, and the supplies aren’t just sitting around anymore. In the article there is some exciting information about residential construction in the past couple of months.  New homes sales have increased 15.6% since December and almost 30% from last year. The article also says that while things are getting better now at a steady pace, the residential sector won’t rebound to its 2005 form until after 2014.


This is good news for me! My passion has always lied in the residential sector and if things continue to prosper like they are now, there is a better chance that I will be able to be successful while doing the thing I love.  This article makes residential construction sound more appealing to potential industry leaders. Companies may start to incorporate a residential side to their business because they can see potential profit.

Now that the residential sector is finally making its comeback, I am hopeful that I will be able to be employed in a home building company right out of college.  Before I read this article, I thought that I would maybe have to start out in the commercial sector, but it is good to now know that the residential sector is making its comeback. I have high hopes for the rebound of the new homes market, and I cannot wait to be a part of it. 


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